Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi ladies, you ever notice how we are ungratefully employed lol? I say this because I was just off for 5 days and I'm really dragging wishing I had more days off smh!!

Anyhoo I have this Illamasqua polish to show you that I picked up over the weekend at Sephora. This is from the Rubber Texture Brights line, they were on sale for $11. This one is called "Optimist", it's a neon orange matte drying polish. I was reluctant to proceed while applying because i'm not a huge matte fan, but once I added top coat I was good for the time being.

Here is 3 coats with a top coat. I also picked up Nurture, which is a neon green one (swatch to come).


  1. Never thought that neon orange would look great, I find it pretty and classy. I am thinking of trying it out for a change =)


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