Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mean Green

Hi ladies, hope you all have been anticipating the end to this giveaway as I am. If you haven't entered then you still have about 16 hours left as I write this post according to rafflecopter, so enter my Giveaway. The mani I present to you today is a polish by theBalm- Hot Ticket, this model is called "counterfeit". This is my first polish by them and I enjoyed the formula. What you're seeing is two coats of opaqueness and one coat of Sech Vite. The formula is smooth, void of clumps or sticky ickyness and its drying appearance before top coat application has some shine to it. I am not really the one for dark shades but every now and then I can pull off one the darker shades. Lastly to my satisfaction, while applying the formula the color doesn't change to a darker shade it stayed exactly like you see it in the bottle. I got this polish on ebay for 4.99 free shipping. You can view more of their colors and shop HERE if you oppose the ebay deals. I used some no name gold glitter polish for the overlay on my middle, thumb and pinky to complete this mani.... it's theBomb to me :)

Although my polish is called "Counterfeit", I'd like you to enjoy the sounds of Puff Daddy and others telling you whatlife is really about....


  1. I have been on the hunt for the perfect hunter green shade! I might have to try this one :) I really love it with the gold glitter top coat!


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