Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Purple Girls Rock

Hi all, this mani I am showing you comes from a mani I had on Saturday. This brand Girls Rock I picked up while I was in Chicago last month. I purchased it at CVS for $2.99, there were various colors. I mostly wanted to try it because the shape of the bottle resembled the Butter London polishes and I pondered the idea that the formula would bear a similarity. I did take advantage of the Butter London special purchase at Ulta stores yesterday (swatches to follow this week). The formula is thin but not in a too too bad way. In pursuit to see it become opaque I did have to apply 3 coats of it, but that lead it into a deeper purple than how it looks in the bottle. On a scale from 1-10 I give it an 8 because of the 3 coat application. In contrast to Butter London polish, the square top to this bottle is the brush whereas Butter London's top screws off to another small bottle cover. Lastly, the purple hearts glitter polish I used on my accent finger is by Nicole by OPI and I don't foresee myself purchasing any other product from them similar to this. The brush refused to pick up the hearts, it was a complete struggle for me to get the hearts out of the clear lacquer. I almost spilled the bottle tilting it to get some out with a toothpick. Instead of the brush picking up the hearts, it just moved them around in the bottle; you will see below how the hearts are mainly settled in the bottom of the bottle. The intent for design is cute but the execution of applying it to nails takes up too much time for my liking!


  1. Cuteee! By the way, how many times per day do you do your nails? :D

  2. Lol belle, I do my nails at least twice a week. How many times do u?

  3. How cute is the hearts?!?!?!? Love your mani :)


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