Monday, August 8, 2016

KBShimmer Fall 2016 collection swatches

*Press Sample*

I know you might have thought I was going to leave y'all hanging on to the press release post of this collection set to release by KBShimmer, but rest assured I got y'all!!

Let's just put them out there....

Grin And Gerbera It (creme finish)

Poppy Kisses (holo finish)

Oh My Ganache (holo)

Orchidding Me? (Holo)

Flake Me Home Tonight (glitter)

Little Boy Hue (creme)

Turning Pointe (glitter)

The Best Mum Ever

Fright This Way (glitter-creme)

Tiers Of Joy (glitter-creme)

Sage It Ain't So (glitter-creme)

Sweet Devotion (glitter-creme)

I have to say that the holos are definitely winning in this collection! 

Which ones do you like?

Thanks for reading 

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