Tuesday, January 26, 2016

KB Shimmer Birthstone 2016 collection

 Hey everyone how's your week going? I'm excited for my Friday to get here because I'll be attending The Makeup Show Orlando all weekend!! 

I'll keep you all updated on that festivity later on, but Today's post is all about shimmer... KBShimmer's Birthstone collection!! Your birth month is not only special because of the day that represents your entrance on earth, it's now tied to a special polish color; credited to KBSHIMMER of course!!

This collection, inspired by each months traditional, modern, or alternative birthstone, is in a new finish for us, a metallic type finish with holo sparkle and micro-small metallic flakes.  If Foiled and Yule Worthy had a baby, and added sparkle, this collection would be it! Each polish has a “glow” to it and is streak free. 

Check out my swatches.....

PS- My favorite is Ruby but my birthstone color is Blue Topaz! 

This is Amethyst (February)

This is Blue Topaz (December)

This is Citrine (November)

This is Garnett (January)

 This is Pink Tourmaline (October)

This is Ruby (July)

These polishes are available for purchase on www.kbshimmer.com.

Which color is your favorite and tell me what's your birthstone color.

Thanks for reading!!

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