Friday, September 4, 2015

KB Shimmer Fall 2015 Collection


Happy Friday everyone!! Are you as excited for this long awaited 3-day weekend as I am (or even more than me is okay)! 

Being that summer is on its way out of the season (for some of us anyway, but I live in FL soooooo), fall is setting up shop to take over the reigns. 

In continuous preparation to keep our manis covered with color & coolness, KBShimmer is coming thru with their fall collection COME THRU POLISH GODS COME THRU!! 

Let me help you get your list together, but these are the colors and formulas I chose to swatch.....

This is 2 cremes of the collection 

Such a Vlad-Ass

Teal It To My Heart

These are the shimmers & holos 

Talk Qwerty To Me (I always have a hard time photographing these types of formulas idky)

Fig-get About It

I Feel Gord-geous

Dark & Twisty

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Some great colors in this collection. I'm liking the cremes and holo polishes in particular.

  2. Fig-Get About It and I Feel Gord-geous are stunning! :)


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