Monday, March 2, 2015

Wet n Wild Silver Lake Collection Swatches

Hey people what's good? I'll tell you what's good with me, my weekend! I had a wonderful weekend seeing my blogger friends and spending quality time with my men (son and boo thang). With mention of the weekend I am about to show you a collection (which is the latest) by Wed N Wild Cosmetics called "Silver Lake". 

Now from what I've learned via IG, this collection comes in two parts (1 for polishes and the other for eyeshadows), I picked up both parts. If you'd like to see the eyeshadow portion of this you can peep my video on YT here.

Let's spring into these spring themed colors for the collection.

This is Stream of Consciousness, it's sheer baby pink formula. I applied this is 3 coats, it also has a shimmer to its finish.

This is Tree Hugger, it is applied in 3 coats and it's a creme polish.

This is Warm Filter and it has applied in 3 coats, it's a coral/orange color; it's a creme polish.

This is A Latte Love, this is a taupe or nude creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

This is Wear Skinny Jeans, it's a creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

This is Reject The Mainstream, it is a pastel lavender creme polish that has been applied in 3 coats.

Do tell me which one is your favorite color choice. You can find these at your Walgreens for $1.99 each.


  1. Loving all the cremes! I really should get more colors from Wet n' Wild, there so affordable.

  2. The cremes are all so pretty! It's disappointing that they are 3- coaters though.


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