Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tea Beauty- Pink Rose

Hi all, I'm going to give u a quick review of this polish I picked up at Walgreens. This polish is scented and it's called Tea Beauty, this one is called Pink Rose and is from the Bouquet collection. I have to tell u that I'm not pleased with its scent AT ALL. It's a strong overwhelming scent that had me washing my hands every 10 minutes. It's scent resemblance a perfume my grandmother has that I know she got from her local drug store!! Even my coworker smelled it and asked if I was trying a new perfume lol!!

I got this at my local Walgreens and it is priced at $4.99. Now the formula I can work with, its application is smooth showing no streaks. This pink is a little on the sheer side but I've applied three coats and I'm good with it.

Check it out on my nails and my expression when I smell it, lol

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