Saturday, July 2, 2016

30 Beauty Challenge Day 2

20 Facts About Me

I am Jamaican 🇯🇲
I will undergo surgery on Tuesday 
I would've liked 2 children, I only have 1
I love to cook & bake 
The Golden Girls is my favorite show

I love 80s & 90s music
I'm the last of 5 children 
I recently learned how to cornrow hair
Fuchsia pink is my signature color
I have 4 nieces & 4 nephews 

I love products with ⚓️ on it
I could eat Raisinets all day long
NYC is my favorite vacation spot
Atlanta is my 2nd favorite vacation spot
Fashion & makeup are my obsessions

I wore braids from 9-11th grade
I KNOW who my friends are/aren't 
Being home watching tv IS happiness 
I also love objects with 💋 on it 
I love blogging

Thanks for reading 

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  1. Some nice facts you shared about yourself :)


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