Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sinful Colors Sugar Crushin Sweet Tooth


On my nails today is a new polish by Sinful Colors that's ready to spring into the Spring season. I am fan of textured polish so I'm on board for this collection, what I'm not on board with is the formula. 

The formula is pretty thick to work with and takes 3 coats to achieve opacity. I feel like layer after layer it becomes more bulky looking but if I were you I'd wait a good while in between each coat; I only wait about 5 minutes each.

Today I'm wearing Sweet Tooth. I picked this up from my Walgreens for 1.99. This is not in a collection by itself, it's in a collection with the porcelain matte collection polishes. 

Do you plan on getting any of these? Be sure to follow their IG account for the latest in collection releases.

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