Wednesday, December 30, 2015

OPI X Hello Kitty 2015 collection *pic heavy*

Hey people, Christmas is over and the new year is upon us.... Just think back to when we were about to celebrate bringing in 2015....

In my opinion this collaboration was long overdue. I've been a huge OPI fan and an even bigger Hello Kitty fan for many years, so you know getting these wasn't a if or maybe!!

I picked a few of these up from Sally's Beauty Supply and the rest from my nail supply place. I ended up buying the collector's box from my nail supply place, I actually just bought the 6 polishes and got the box for FREE NINETY NINE!!

Let's get into these swatches--all coats of 3.

Let's Be Friends 

Small + Cute= ❤️

Look At My Bow!

Spoken from The Heart

Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

Super Cute in Pink

Charmmy & Sugar

5 Apples Tall

My Twin Mimmy

My Pal Joey

Never Have Too Mani Friends 

Here's the display that's inside of the collector's box. It holds 12 polishes and comes with 4 background scenes you can change. I love it... I still love Hello Kitty!!

Did you pick up any of these polishes? If so, how do you like them?

As always, thanks for reading

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  1. The colors are fun! I used to love Hello Kitty growing up too.


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