Monday, November 9, 2015

KBSHIMMER Winter Collection 2015

*press sample*

Good morning & happy Monday beauties. I'm going to speak it into action that today is going to be a happy Monday, besides that I want you all to be happy about this new collection & swatches I'm about to show you.

Of course a few weeks back I shared with you all the press release of these delicious shades KBSHIMMER is releasing......COME THRU POLISH GAWDS COME THRUUUUUU lol.

We had our pick of the batch so here are the ones I chose. These are applied in coats of 3 without a top coat.

Chilly Pepper

For Fox Sake

Toying Around 

Fleece Navidad

Claws and Effect

Coal In One 

There are some water decals in this collection as well which are so festive for the holidays, but I'll be posting them as I wear them.

These release this week, which ones will you be purchasing?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Great colors! Loving the holos.

  2. Wow they are all gorgeous!! I love Fleece Navidad, what a cute name! :)


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