Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nail polish brands owned by Women of color

So you know a girl has got to keep her nails did right (hence the purpose of me starting my blog)! Speaking from this podium is a woman who owns probably over 3,000 (last time I peeked) bottles of lacquer, I can tell you that variety is definitely the spice of my life. I always find myself getting caught up in conversations between me, myself and I which consists of "don't I have this color already", but hey who says having a back up (or a few) is against the law!!

Below what I've done is let my fingers do the walking about the WWW to put together a list of nail polish brands that are owned by women of color. You do know that nail polish does not discriminate right, lol!!

For you I've given you the links to their shops and the price ahead of time so check your account balances and go stupid!!

Check out who's nailing it in the industry.......

1. Polish & Co-Theresa Williamson- launched in 2011 ( Retails for $12.

2. Cocorae-Courtney R Vines- launched in 2012 (

3. Studio 85- Tiffany Burriss, Tamika Myers & Tammi Allen-launched in 2011  (

4. Bernadette Thompson ( Retails for $7.00

5. Ka’oir Comsetics- Keyshia Ka’oir- launched in 2011 ( Retails for $9.99

6. M2M Damorejon- Myrdith Leon-McCormack and Monica Promsavanh- launched in 2009 during NY Fashion Week (

7. Superstar Nail lacquer- Stacia and Ariana Pierce- ( Retails for $12.

8. Ginger + Liz- H. Ginger Johnson and S. Liz Pickett. Launched in 2009. ( Polishes can now be found in Ulta stores, retails for $12-$15.

9. Lisa Lacquer- Lisa Wilson- ( for $7.

10.She Nail Polish- Rashetta Miller- ( Retails for $6.00.

11.Glam Glam Nail Candy (@glamglampolish on IG, Twitter & FB). Send order inquires by email and they will send you an invoice.

OK people see how much I've helped you find your way to getting lacquered up, now all you have to do is pick a color and paint away!!!

Stay tuned for my next post featuring women of color own cosmetics brand :)

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