Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Beauty Buffs Recreate your makeup bag

Hi Beauties, it's Wednesday AND another link up post for The Beauty Buffs!!

I chose a makeup bag that I need to start using, only because I adore the one I'm using now and have done a post on it for another link up post. This you can buy from Forever 21 for $4.90. I love anything with lips or hearts on it :). The Ever Glaze polish I am using is called Wednesday & I have to say that so far all the Ever Glaze polish formulas I've bought has been thick (not liking it).


  1. Adorable bag and I love your take on it! I like that you kept it simple with just the one set of lips and pulled it all together with the watermarbled nail :)

  2. you bag is so cute and I love your nails :)


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