Friday, December 26, 2014

Sinful Colors Flirt with Hearts Love Sprinkles

Good morning everyone how was your Christmas or how wasn't your Christmas? My Christmas was really nicely spent with family.

I didn't ask for anything, but I something so I'm grateful

So the polish I am wearing today are two polish new to my collection. This first one is Ginger + Liz which is sold in Ulta for $12. However, I didn't pay $12 I used my 20% off coupon and my rewards points and ended up paying $10 for 2 of them. This one is called "Private Poole" the formula is average and I like the semi-wide brush. It didn't cause any streaks and dried shiny.

This next polish is from a display I ran into at Kmart by Sinful Colors, it's a glitter mix formula of hearts and small circle pink and white glitters. Be prepared to do glitter placement with this polish because the brush picks up the circle glitters more than the heart glitters. 

The other colors in this collection are repromotes.

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  1. What a pretty cobalt blue that is. That glitter on top is cute.


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